Executive Letter, January 2023

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Moving into 2023, I am enthusiastic about the year IRT has ahead. Our IRT Scholars submitted their applications for graduate school, and we could not be more proud of them. We are grateful for the support of the IRT staff, external advisors, and IRT alums who aided and supported the process. 

As our Scholars continue to navigate the admissions process with interviews and preview days, the IRT begins to open ours. Our alums continue to recognize prospective educators and to ensure we have the representation of future scholarship we need. Applications are open until March 1, so please share the application amongst your networks. If you would like to review the IRT application process or to share application resources, please visit our application page.  

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Executive Letter, September 2022

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Hello IRT Community!

Welcome back to our school year! I hope the summer was relaxing and filled with rejuvenation. 

Over the summer, the IRT continued to implement our virtual Summer Workshop and support our students via advising. The IRT staff is grateful to our faculty for their expertise, support, and mentorship. As we gear up for the fall, we look forward to our Scholars continuing their applications and gaining support from the IRT community. 

This fall, I look forward to continuing to engage our community regarding our program, exploration activities, and student needs. As we continue to move forward, please continue to engage with us. This weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the Uncle Bobbies: bell hooks Symposium featuring IRT community members. It was an opportunity to think of how scholarship can transform our communities, concepts of love, and how we work within a radical tradition. I encourage you to share with us any online presentations, discussions, or research – we love to learn and stay connected to you.




Executive Letter, June 2022

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I treasure the Summer solstice in a newfound way. In the past, summers meant a chance to reset, reflect, and find new ways to feel free after shedding the stress of the academic year. The last few years have not been easy for many of us.

The ongoing pandemic, democratic instability, and lack of community have left many wondering what comes next and how to rebuild. Amidst this uncertainty, I find the workshop and IRT summer have a perfect opportunity to reset.

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Executive Letter, March 2022


As we move into warmer climates (hopefully), I cannot help but think about the summer right around the corner. Our office jokes that we understand our work in seasons. We have the fall admissions season, winter application season, spring matriculation, and summer learning seasons. After the grueling and lingering winter, we are ready to watch our students sow opportunities and are preparing for the heat of supporting students in the classroom.

I have had the pleasure to hear from our current IRT scholars (and alumni) about updates regarding their graduate school admissions process. We are proud of every IRT scholar that submitted applications, interviewed, and continued the process. We are incredibly proud of those that have received acceptances and are narrowing down their decisions. We are honored that those that did not receive admission expressed vulnerability in communicating with us and are keeping their head up.

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Executive Letter, January 2022

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“I’d like to be remembered as someone who made a difference in the lives of young people – that I nurtured someone and taught them to pursue their dreams and their careers, to leave a legacy.”
André Leon Talley

As I sat, waiting for the clock to get out of 2021, I was even more aware of the things I hold dear. For the last two or so years, I’ve written to you in my home office, just my dog and me. As much as I love Basil, she responds to the changing world in her way. She didn’t understand the gasps for Betty White, Sidney Poitier, bell hooks, Thich Nhat Hanh, Lani Guinier, or André Leon Talley. And so, I hope for our first newsletter – you will indulge me.

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