Executive Letter, February 2021

Brooks photoAs we enter the new year, we remember the things we carry with us. For the last year, many of us have worn multiple hats, opening our hearts and homes to the unknown.

Here at the IRT, we find support in our community. Our scholars came to us with their hopes, vulnerabilities, and shared goals of educational transformation. It has not been easy as we all work together to work towards our ideals of socially just educational society.

I’m proud of the opportunity to connect with our alumni and share their stories in our program report. We are excited to continue to solicit and support our alumni through the development of our Alumni Committee. Now more than ever, our alumni play a crucial role in supporting our program. By informing us of your successes, challenges, and processes, we can better support our current scholars.

Throughout all the uncertainty, I am also grateful. Grateful to be in a community that works to support each other. Either through PPE distribution or easing nerves while waiting for admissions decisions, I am inspired by how you have shown up for each other.




Executive Letter, October 2020

Brooks photoAs I reflect on the work of the summer this fall, I can only consider how much has changed. For the first time, we were not able to meet our students and consortium in person. Nevertheless, our team continues to support our students virtually – holding regular check-ins, office hours, and advising meetings. Our consortium partners are holding virtual sessions with our students – focusing on topics such as navigating financial aid, navigating the application process, and managing mental health and identity. I am excited that we are finding ways to build community throughout these trying times.

Considering community, I participated in the Scholar Strike on September 8-9. It was important for me to spend time learning from scholars within and outside of our community regarding collaboration, activism, and education. It highlighted the emphasis of bringing awareness against racism and all the ways we can use our stations to dismantle it.

As such, I look forward to implementing more programming that would allow us to impact our communities more directly and build the educational futures we wish to see. If you are a faculty member at an institution that is hiring or considering Consortium partnerships, please contact us. If you are alumni and are willing to connect to current Scholars, please reconnect with us! We are excited to have all of you in our IRT community.

Our hearts are with those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires, and hurricanes, and those fighting for racial justice and equality.




LaShawnda Brooks
Executive Director, IRT

Executive Letter, July 2020

Brooks photoWhat a time.

At the beginning of the year, sitting in the chapel, I reflected on Andover’s theme of the year. Justice. Little did I know that this theme would permeate our work on campus, and also the work of our global community.

Like many of you, I do not know what the future holds. What I do know is that if we trust our foundations, and keep working in the path of social justice, we will be ok. To reach the level of comfort with the unknown, I needed to take a step back and reflect on the theme from the previous year — gratitude.

I am grateful for the staff, students, and supporters of the IRT as we all work together to ensure a more just world. Our most recent matriculating class navigated their unique hurdles in this process, and we are so proud and grateful for the opportunity to support you.

To our newly entered class, thank you for maintaining your faith in the future. We are excited to work with you and learn alongside you.

We are eager to imagine a better world with you.





LaShawnda Brooks
Executive Director, IRT

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear IRT Community,

I hope you are healthy and well. Our current moment requires that we do more than ever before to live up to our values.

At the IRT, we are steadfast in our resolve to advance diversity in education, and proud to advocate for and support our alumni in their work. Their commitment to making education a tool for radical imagination has and will always guide us. Their research that challenges assumptions of our histories and creates better futures motivates our efforts. More recently, the transformation of the virtual classroom–securing the ability for students to learn amidst pandemic–inspires our organization to improve our community building. We believe the IRT has tools to meet this moment and we are ready to work alongside you.

As Executive Director, I am here to champion inclusive teaching visions and strengthen our community of educators. I’ve shared various links on our Facebook and private pages for how you can support the current movements towards gender, racial, ethnic, and economic justice. We encourage our alumni and scholars to share any readings, syllabi, petitions, or examples of work. These tools will be linked here. It is important to me that the IRT and our wider family of schools and organizations practice the values we seek to hold. We hope your past and present engagement with the IRT bolsters your individual and collective actions in the days ahead.

We remain steadfast in our vision of a socially just world where education is a tool for liberation. Join us.

Take care,

LaShawnda Brooks
Executive Director, IRT

Executive Letter, April 2020

Brooks photoNow, more than ever, relationships matter.

During the last few weeks, we have witnessed an unprecedented acceleration towards the unknown. Even still, I remain inspired and calmed by the radical spirit of educators and our students. Throughout the last few weeks, I listened excitedly as IRT Scholars reported admissions offers and funding awards. I am enthusiastic as you inch closer to your matriculation decisions.

We encourage you to reach out to us and connect. We are grateful for those of you that are convening on Facebook, Almabase, and reaching out to us via email. With campuses closed for revisits, more IRT students are seeking additional resources as they make their final decisions. Please consider reaching out via Almabase, especially if you would like to advocate for your alma mater.
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