Meet the IRT’s Student Advisory Board Members


My name is Jasmine Ma, and I am from Montréal, Canada. I am an 11th grader at Phillips Academy, and I currently serve on the student advisory board for the IRT. Growing up, my family moved around a lot, so I have encountered many different learning communities with various degrees of diversity. Reflecting on those experiences made me recognize the vitality of diversity in shaping the way that I think and live, and this is why I wanted to contribute to the IRT’s mission. At the IRT, I am currently working on increasing the presence and awareness of the IRT across the Phillips Academy community and creating potential collaborations between the IRT and the centers for research at Phillips Academy. I am also an avid flute player and I love reading philosophy.

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IRT Alumni Mentor Phillips Academy’s Students of Color and Participate in MLK Workshop

by Leislie Godo-Solo, IRT ’91

Since November of 2020, Leislie Godo-Solo, IRT ’91 has served as one of the faculty advisors for the Af-Lat-Am Mentoring Program (AMP) at Phillips Academy which has a membership of 104 students of color.  Leislie, along with the input of six student coordinators creates and plans programming that benefits students’ personal and academic growth.  During the current academic year, Leislie and the coordinators hosted Ms. Warner and Mr. Coy of the Academic Skills Center who discussed study strategies and, more recently, during the MLK Jr. holiday weekend, IRT alumna, Kelicia Hollis Jessie ‘11 was invited by the organization and held a workshop titled AMP Mentoring Reset:  Going Back to Basics, an interactive session in which the mentors learned ways to be more intentional and effective in their interactions with their mentees.  Additionally, Aleena Kibria, one of IRT’s Student Advisory Board Leaders conducted a MLK Jr. Workshop titled “What Is a Bad Hair Day?  In this presentation, Aleena and her peers discussed how often students think about their hair, Eurocentric beauty standards, the politics of hair, hair discrimination, and legal efforts to rectify hair discrimination in schools and the workplace.  Aleena went a step further for her presentation and interviewed Phillips Academy and IRT students Kevin Pajaro-Mariñez, IRT’15 LaKisha Simmons, IRT ’02 and Elyx Desloover, IRT’ 21 about their feelings regarding their hair. Check out their discussion on YouTube.    

Congratulations Aleena on a dynamic and well-received MLK Workshop!