Call for Submissions!

Help us Curate Content for a Black History Series on the IRT Blog

The IRT is interested in learning how educators recognize the history, events, and individuals that shape Black History not only in February but year-round. We will be working on publishing a series of posts on the blog and need your help!

This is a brand new initiative to showcase your ideas and experience that we envision to be inclusive to any form, style, or content as related to —how do you teach as an educator of color? How do you teach students of color? How do you teach about Black history? What decisions do you make as an educator in constructing and implementing Black History curriculum? How do you decide what to focus on, which stories to tell, and the pedagogical best practices to include?

Please help us curate content for these posts by sharing your experiences, recommendations, and any resources with us. These could take the form of a scholarly article, an opinion piece, a sharing of best practices or curriculum, a creative piece like a poem or something visually-artistic (ie: drawing or painting).

All materials should be sent directly to Janelle Bonasera at the IRT –














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