Executive Letter, January 2020

Brooks photoThe Institute for Recruitment of Teachers application is open, and we encourage you to share with your networks. This year our team traveled throughout the United States, stopping in California, New York, and Georgia to support our recruitment initiatives. Spearheaded by Monica’s recruitment efforts, our team’s collaboration with our consortium institutions planted the seed for our hopefully fruitful recruiting season. Our application is open until March 1st, so please spread the word!

Our current IRT Fellows are anticipating hearing from graduate schools. No matter the news, please know that we are proud of the hard work and vulnerability displayed in the application process. There is a community of scholars here to support you. If you have not already, please take a few minutes to sign up for Almabase, our private alumni portal. This portal provides access to IRT alumni for networking, mentoring, and the sharing and support of scholarship.

As always, we are inspired to hear about the achievements and milestones of our accomplished alumni as I hope you are as well while reading the many accolades listed on the IRT blog. We share these accolades, as they are so well deserved and motivational for the entire IRT community. Please continue to reach out to the IRT to share your good news!





LaShawnda Brooks
Executive Director, IRT

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