Teaching and Mental Health Resources

Teaching and Mental Health Resources

There is so much one could say about the events of the last few months. We need to act and tell the truth about race, power, politics, and education in our country. That said, it grounds and reaffirms us to know that we are all in this together. It is particularly humbling to take a step back and realize that many of you have put your professional careers on the line or have been at risk, to tell the truth in your respective fields.

Being a teacher is tough. In a typical year, we all experience difficulties that can rattle our foundations or alter our classrooms. We continuously learn and imagine new ways to support our communities. But this year is already not a typical one.

We recognize that it can be stressful and tiresome. For our students who are applying to graduate schools, you are doing an incredible job. We are proud of how you can rise above and remain hopeful for our future and your role in it. If you are currently teaching, please know that we are here for you and your students.

We’ve gathered a list of mental health resources and teaching resources. Please feel free to add and share your own with us in the reply/comment section below.

~Mental Health Resources~










~Teaching Resources~










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