Executive Letter, April 2021

Brooks photo

As we shift into spring, a profound period of transformation, I cannot help but think how far we have come; and how much farther we have left to go. Throughout this unbelievable year, we have done our part to persevere. We have listened to the stories behind our students and the ways they are transforming and inspiring change through an entire cohort.

This spring, our staff and students stretched in abilities that they never had to in years past. Our staff utilized virtual platforms to host more online events than ever before, supported students throughout the application process, and aided the navigation of matriculation and future planning. Our students embraced the mindset and courage to keep going taking on the challenges of applying to graduate school during a pandemic. We are proud of all of our scholars that weathered an unprecedented graduate admissions year.

As we look ahead, we get ready for another graduate admissions season. Currently, we are evaluating candidates for our 2021 cohort. It is encouraging to see so many individuals interested in continuing to work in education. Especially after the year we have endured.

To that end, it was significant for us to express joy and care to our scholars. This year, we will mail out certificates of completion to our 2020 class and care packages to our 2019 class. To all alumni in our program, please be sure to reach back and let us know how you are doing. We take pride in seeing the change you impart in society and the transformation you achieve each day.



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