Welcome 2021 Cohort!

In a year of constant uncertainty, the IRT is happy to report that we’ve admitted a (more than full) cohort for 2021! Interestingly, there has been a noticeable uptick of nearly 10% for applicants interested in PhD Education/Higher Education and PhD African American Studies/African Diaspora Studies. We are honored to support a total of 150 scholars through their graduate school journey and contribute to making a meaningful impact in this world.

We are proud to continue supporting students from marginalized backgrounds with 37% of our students identifying at Black or African American, 33% as Hispanic or Latino, 16% as Asian, and students from the Wampanoag and Cherokee Nations. 8% of our students also identify as non-binary, gender fluid or gender queer, nearly 50% are adult students, 64% identify as first-generation, 48% low-income, and 37% both first-generation and low-income.

Lastly, I’d like to recognize and thank our alumni for your continued support and resource sharing to your students. Nearly 40% of our applicants found out about our program through an IRT Alum. THANK YOU! We could not do this without you. If you have a specific interest in hosting a recruitment webinar this fall, please email Monica Reum, Admissions and Recruitment Specialist.

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