Executive Letter, June 2022

Brooks photo

I treasure the Summer solstice in a newfound way. In the past, summers meant a chance to reset, reflect, and find new ways to feel free after shedding the stress of the academic year. The last few years have not been easy for many of us.

The ongoing pandemic, democratic instability, and lack of community have left many wondering what comes next and how to rebuild. Amidst this uncertainty, I find the workshop and IRT summer have a perfect opportunity to reset.

It has never been more clear to me how urgent this work is. In the last year, observing the changing landscape of education (both higher education and K-12), it has become essential to determine how we can best support our students, scholars, and community. Therefore, in this year’s virtual Summer Workshop, I am eager to see the ways our IRT Faculty can continue to build community with our incoming cohort.

To me, the IRT is unique in not just its ability to transform institutions but individuals and communities. The workshop and online spaces our staff has cultivated throughout the year allow this transformation to provide the necessary space to process and adapt to this ever-changing world.

As you all begin your Summer, please spend some time getting back in touch with the IRT community and our current students. It is clear to me that now more than ever, we need each other.




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