PA Giving Day – March 29, 2023

We extend heartfelt thanks to the many members of the IRT donor community who continue to advance this critical work through their annual gift. Our program is possible because of your support! For the past several years, PA Giving Day has served as an exciting and powerful day for the IRT, and we are excited to continue this momentum! Several members of the IRT Advisory Board are offering match funds to inspire participation. Every one of the first 79 gifts to the program, regardless of size, will be matched with a $1,000 gift, unlocking up to $79,000 in funds for the IRT!

Please help us to ensure success on Giving Day. The official event runs from 9am EDT on March 29th to 12pm EDT on March 30th, but you can help jump start this amazing day and make your gift now; simply select “IRT” from the “Designation” drop-down menu.

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