2019 Summer Workshop Highlights

The IRT opened its 29th Summer Workshop program this July. Welcoming members of the 2019 cohort, more than 30 IRT alumni and IRT consortium deans and representatives, the workshop was an engaging experience for all constituents.

IRT Intern, Sherline Renodo and IRT faculty member, Jaymon Ortega, IRT 15 during seminar.
Charles Allen Ross, IRT Intern

“Being an IRT intern in Andover this summer gave me life. IRT gave me life because it put me an intellectually stimulating environment that challenged me not only to grow as an academic but as a person.  The challenges that IRT presented me with pushed me to see my full potential. I am forever in debt to IRT for giving me life.”


2019 Recruiter’s Weekend
Students gleamed insight on consortium school’s program offerings as they begin to navigate the process and develop their application materials. Throughout the weekend, IRT students had the opportunity to make valuable connections with deans and liaisons and establish relationships with each other.

IRT Recruiter’s Fair 2019
IRT Recruiter’s Fair 2019
IRT students enjoying the sunshine before their next session.
IRT students heading to meet consortium deans and liaisons.

A highly-attended workshop on professional development was led by IRT Consortium Dean, Catherine Wong. Wong is the Director of Donovan Urban Scholars, Boston College, Chalais Carter, Consultant/PhD Candidate at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Catherine Wong (center) with IRT Executive Director, IRT students and consortium deans.

During the weekend, a number of symposiums and focus groups were led by IRT alumni about challenges that educators of color face when entering into, and persisting in, both secondary and higher education. Our alumni keynote speaker was Dr. Chera Reid, IRT ’00. Reid is the Director of Strategic Learning, Research, and Evaluation at the Kresge Foundation and a member of the IRT Advisory board.

“Our alumni are the lynchpin of the IRT community, and it was incredible to have so many alumni at Recruiters Weekend to connect with the current cohort and share their wisdom and expertise.”

Kate Slater, Associate Director & Manager of Programs, IRT

The cohort benefited greatly from being able to hear first-hand accounts and experiences from current doctoral students and educators at universities and institutions throughout the nation. Thank you to all IRT alumni who participated!

IRT Graduate Students Panel

  • Julian McNeil, IRT ’07/’16, Teachers College- Columbia University
  • Patricia Feraud, IRT ’14/’17, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Mariahdessa Tallie, IRT ’17, Brown University
  • Renata Love Jones, IRT ’13, Boston College
Sadiki Lewis
Julian McNeil
Renata Love Jones
Patricia Feraud






IRT Interns during lunch and discussion

Careers in Education Panel

  • Sadiki Lewis, IRT ’16, Boston University
  • Christine (Sol) Rheem, IRT ’15, Boston College
  • Dr. Stephanie Bramlett, IRT ’04, University of New Hampshire
  • Dr. Aria Halliday, IRT ’11, Purdue University
  •  Jessica Acosta-Chavez, IRT ’12, Harvard University

Additional sessions made available to IRT Interns and Associates focused on preparation topics as students begin to go through the graduate admissions process.

Preparing Your Elevator Pitch – Chris Walkes, IRT ’17, Tufts University
Connecting With Faculty – Dr. Tiffany Joseph, IRT ’03, University of Michigan
Resumes, CVs, Writing Samples – Truth Hunter, IRT ’11, University of Connecticut

Focus group with IRT alumni and students

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