Executive Letter, June 2021

Brooks photo

Reflecting on Juneteenth, I am interested in the ways we can continue to connect. Connecting individuals to institutions, knowledge, histories, memories, space, and land. For many of us, COVID-19 may have disconnected some of those synapses in our lives.

One of IRT’s traditions in bringing individuals together is our Summer Workshop. Last year, we used the summer to refresh our curriculum and discuss our core values and adjustments needed in curriculum content (virtually). This year, our Summer Faculty will facilitate courses online for students asynchronously. Our hope is that faculty members gain more experience in their areas of expertise and opportunities to practice their pedagogy and instruction in a like-minded community. For our scholars, this provides an opportunity for them to learn curriculum within a discipline area aligned to their research interests or methodological frameworks.

Our Summer Faculty this year are:

  • Heather Moore Roberson, IRT ’07, ‘10
  • Renée Wilmot, IRT ’12, ‘17
  • Christian Walkes, IRT ‘17
  • Julianna Wong, IRT ‘19
  • Kat Stephens, IRT ‘13
  • Endia Hayes, IRT ‘ 16

We are thrilled to work with them, and I look forward to sharing more about our Summer Faculty in our upcoming newsletters. I also send my deepest congratulations to our newest matriculating class and our entering class of IRT Scholars. We are ecstatic to work with you. To our alumni, please continue to keep us informed of your work, challenges, and accomplishments. We hope that you can support each other during these times.

Our hearts continue to be with those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.




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