IRT Alumni Committee Inaugural Members

Renée Wilmot and LaShawnda Brooks are excited to announce the inaugural members of the IRT Alumni Committee. 

Karina Fernandez (she/her) 
Roles: Curriculum & Summer Workshop Consultant, Events Manager  
IRT Class of 2006

Helen Gong (she/her)
Role: 2020 Cohort Representative 
IRT Class of 2020

Sam Jeong (he/him)
Roles: Financial and Research Opportunities Manager, Alumni Engagement Manager
IRT Class of 2018

Heather Moore Roberson (she/her) 
Role: Curriculum & Summer Workshop Consultant 
IRT Class of 2007, 2010

Jamila Thomas (she/her)
Role: Alumni Engagement Manager
IRT Class of 2005

Renée Wilmot (she/her) 
Committee Chair 
IRT Class of 2012, 2017 

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