Executive Letter, November 2021

Brooks photo

Hello IRT community!

As I write this feeling the emerging autumn breeze, I hope that you are all doing well. Throughout the last year, the ability to be virtual has allowed me more time for reflection

and consideration of the everyday experience of our educators. As I’ve watched protests, meetings, and conversations regarding education – it becomes clear how important your work is.

To that end, I would like to spend some time in our newsletter acknowledging you! I thank our IRT summer faculty for running a brand-new Summer Workshop, in which they developed their course materials to deliver virtually. I celebrate our alumni that are publishing new texts, including Summer Faculty member Aria Halliday, IRT ’11. I commend our educators, counselors, and school support staff for navigating back-to-school plans and communities. I also want to celebrate Monica Muñoz Martinez, IRT ’05 for her incredible work and its recognition by the MacArthur Foundation. Many IRT scholars look up to our alumni and the communities we support. It is thrilling to see your work championed and elected for a Genius Grant.

And finally, I hope we can all come together to send positive vibes to our current class. It is not easy to apply to graduate school during a typical year. Our current cohort is navigating many challenges to secure the future for the communities that we envision. To that end, please be on the lookout for ways to share your updates with the IRT community.

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