Relieving Winter Stress & Staying Healthy

IRT staff share go-to-activities for stress free ways to endure the cold weather months!

Winter in New England is long and after the holidays it can be a little dreary. IRT staff are finding ways to enjoy these months each in their own way. An outside holiday gathering and doggie play date with Basil, Millie & Henry in a fun, outside setting started the early winter months off right!

“Being a Southerner, one of the things I miss the most is the sunlight. Basil is an adopted Texas dog, so we like to go outside when we can. Hiking wasn’t available to me as a child, and so I’ve found solace in the woods. Basil gets to enjoy a new environment, and I get to take as many pictures as I can. We love areas nearby like The Fells or venturing along the coastline. It’s been a blast to grow with her during these times.” LaShawnda Brooks

“On those days when it is not too cold outside, I enjoy a walk at the Stevens Coolidge House and Gardens in North Andover, Chandler Hovey Park near Marblehead, or on the beach.  My walks rejuvenate me, provide me with time to clear my head and think, allow me to breathe some fresh air, get a bit of exercise, and feel the sun on my face.  My plants also bring me happiness as I enjoy tending to them, watching them grow, and replanting them when the pot they are in gets too small.” Leislie Godo-Solo, IRT’ 91

“As soon as the cold weather hits my body and soul crave hot tea and honey, so I make sure to keep lots of different flavors (some caffeine free) on deck at all times. In my humble opinion, tea is so underrated in our coffee-crazed culture: different teas have different health benefits, like antioxidants, or anti-inflammation properties, immune system boosters, and ingredients that contribute to gut health, but there are also SO many flavors and styles to choose from. Whether I am soothing a sore throat or waking up with a warm cup on a cool morning, hot tea with a spoonful of locally sourced honey is one of my wellness rituals! I keep an Earl Grey, a chai, a lemon ginger, and a blueberry tea of some kind on deck at all times.” Brittany Zorn, IRT’13

“Running has always been a constant in my life and a way to start my day. There is a stillness on early, cold winter mornings, the light is beautiful and no one is out – you have the world all to yourself for a few moments. Being active first thing in the morning is one of the best ways I can stay healthy and happy. Whether I am running solo or with my dog, Millie, it is always a bright spot in my day.” Janelle Bonasera

“I am staying healthy and sane this winter by getting outside every day for a walk in nature or a drive up the coast. I recently visited the Mass Audubon sanctuary near my home and fed the birds out of my hand and off my hat! But my greatest joy and what really fills my heart and soul is visiting my grandson, John!” Sara Cerretani

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