IRT 2022 Cohort News

Congratulations to the entire 2022 Cohort on their perseverance over the past few months. More than 700 graduate school applications have been submitted, and while it is still early in the process to receive admissions decisions, we are happy to report that a few schools have already begun notifying IRT Scholars of their acceptance!

IRT Scholars are now working with advisors on strategies for staying organized and the proper etiquette for communication with graduate schools over the next months as they await admission decisions. On average IRT Scholars are applying to 7-10 graduate programs. Approximately 90% of IRT students receive acceptance into at least one graduate program. Information on the demographics of the 2022 Cohort can be found on the IRT’s Impact page.

“With 2023 being the ten-year anniversary of my own IRT Summer Workshop participation, I am wishing our 2022 cohort of Scholars endless good news this admissions season! While the challenges of the past few years have been intense and extensive, your grit and drive has been even more so. I hope that each of you is proud of yourselves for how hard you have worked, regardless of the outcomes of your applications. No matter what, this process has been just one small part of your journey and no matter where you all end up, I know you will continue to sow compassion, innovation, and justice!” Brittany Zorn, IRT ’13, IRT Arts and Sciences Specialist

2022 Cohort Quick Stats

  • Approximately 782 graduate program applications submitted
  • 66% of applications in Arts & Sciences programs
  • 36% of applications in Education focused programs
  • Applications were submitted for approximately 54 institutions across the country

2022 Cohort Highlight

Congratulations to George Anthony Pratt on his acceptance of the Marshall Scholarship to pursue his MPhil at the University of Oxford.

“IRT has been a tremendous source of support in my journey of applying to graduate school and my development as a scholar more broadly. The programming, particularly the pre-application webinar series and school-specific recruitment sessions, is so intentionally crafted to prepare scholars to thrive in a process that entails so much hidden curriculum. I am extremely grateful for my IRTA, summer course faculty, and fellow students for giving me space to further develop my research interests and affirm that I belong in higher education.” Alexis Stokes, IRT ’22

What’s next for IRT Scholars?
Scholars will be visiting campuses, interviewing, negotiating and working with their IRT advisors to understand their funding packages and options. Connecting with IRT’s vast alumni base who are able to speak on their experiences while attending the programs they are considering is an integral and invaluable part of the process to make an informed decision.

With IRT, I had a plethora of resources at my disposal. Thanks to IRT’s strong alumni network, I was able to connect with alumni across all of my top schools who were more than happy to help share their experiences with me. IRT’S connection to admissions liaisons across the consortium was definitely outstanding. Not only was I able to meet admissions liaisons virtually and learn about specific program information face to face, I took the initiative to meet as many liaisons as I can in person and it was absolutely heartwarming when they already knew my face.

Janna Chowdhury, IRT ’22

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