Executive Letter

Brooks photoThe IRT is springing into full bloom this season.

After a fall and winter filled with recruitment visits to 40 campuses, the IRT staff is hard at work beginning the application review process. We are thrilled to meet our cohort candidates and excited to prepare for this year’s Summer Workshop.

It was a joy to sit down with Jessica Acosta-Chavez PA ’06, IRT ’12, on the Every Quarter podcast. As Phillips Academy’s associate director of admission and outreach and an alumna of the program, I was excited to learn more about her experience and to discuss the future of education. Visit the link here to listen and feel free to email or reply with any comments.

Throughout our conversation, I stress my interest in wanting to learn more from our alumni. I am curious about your experiences and ways that the IRT can continue to support the needs of diverse educators.

I extend my deepest sympathies to the family, friends, and community of Maryori Condi, IRT ’17. It is clear she embodied the sense of a progressive educator, one who aspired to cast and showcase the brilliance within her communities. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to have the opportunity to interact with more of you.





LaShawnda Brooks
Executive Director, IRT

IRT’s Newest Initiative

photoHappy New Year! We are incredibly excited to see what the year will bring. This past fall the 2018 cohort completed applications to graduate school. We are proud of their work and have heard from many about their admissions news. In the meantime, IRT staff traveled on recruitment visits, supported students in the advisement process, and geared up for the launch of the IRT application and new blog.

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