This Digital Age Reveals the Truth about Racism and Premeditation

By Dr. Awendela Grantham, IRT ’05

Dr. Grantham is a faculty member in the Department of History and Political Science at North Carolina A&T State University.  She is a Digital Learning Faculty Fellow at the University this summer.  This article includes part of her research about the impact of technology on African Americans.

 No longer!  We will no longer tolerate a lie when our cell phones record the truth. Racism is the ugly reality that slaps us in the face as the world watches an 8 minute and 46 second video of a black man being suffocated by the police. The various cell phone videos reveal more than the agitated bystanders’ perspectives—the cameras reveal the Minneapolis policemen’s motives.

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IRT’s Kate Slater on NBC Today

Kate Slater, Associate Director & Manager of Programs at the IRT, wrote on NBC Today about ways that White folks can support their Black peers during this time. She is also a lecturer on the history of race and racism at the University of New Hampshire and a doctoral candidate in the Department of Education.

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